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boiler repair in Central Illinois

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Get Your Boiler Back in Working Order

When your boiler needs repairs, you don't want to rely on a general mechanical company that may only see a few boilers a year. We specialize in boilers, and know them inside and out. We've been working on them since 1930, and we're certified to make your welded repairs on both boilers and pressure vessels.

Our services include:

- Boiler tube replacement

- Refractory replacement and repairs

- Manhole and handhole repair and replacement

- Steam locomotive restoration and repair

- Pressure piping repairs

- Boiler cleaning

- R Stamp certification by the National Board of Boiler Vessel Inspectors

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Get the very best boiler repair in Central Illinois

Keep your boiler working perfectly all year long

Be sure to check out our welding services and pressure vessel repair services, too.  Whether you need commercial or industrial services, we've got you covered.

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